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A lot has happened over the summer, so you may have missed the passage of P.L. 2020, Ch. 44. To help members understand how
Ch. 44 works and how you can benefit from the relief that it offers, NJEA is holding webinars throughout the month of September, prior to fall open enrollment. All districts must hold an open enrollment this fall, even if that is not the usual open enrollment time.

The webinar will cover in detail the New Jersey Educators’ Health Plan (NJEHP) that all districts must offer beginning January 1, 2020, regardless of whether the district is in the SEHBP (the “State plan”) or has private health insurance. Most members will see significant savings if they switch to the NJEHP, while maintaining platinum level health care coverage.

It is very important that you participate in open enrollment with your district this fall, even if you want to continue in the same health plan.  If you take health benefits but do not participate in open enrollment, you and your dependents will be automatically enrolled in the NJEHP.

All employees who are new to a district effective July 1, 2020 must enroll in the NJEHP, if taking the district’s health benefits.

You must pre-register to attend the webinar. You will need their NJEA PIN found on your membership card (Please note: Your PIN consists of 6 digits - 2 letters, 2 numbers, 2 letters) and password (Last four digits of you SS#, unless you've changed it) to sign up.

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Sent on behalf of Region 2 Field Reps. Please contact them (information below) with any questions.


NJEA Research has scheduled informational webinars for you and your members on the New Jersey Educators Health Plan (NJEHP) Ch. 44. This is the new healthcare plan that provides important Chapter 78 relief to all your members. These details will be helpful ahead of a pending Fall open enrollment period and the subsequent implementation of the new plan on January 1, 2021.

Members can log in and sign up for webinars here: www.njea.org/njehpwebinar

If members are unsure whether or not they have a private plan or the state plan (the SEHBP), they can click on the link that lists all districts in the SEHBP.


The webinars begin next week starting on September 3.


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