Here you will find information regarding Members Requesting Accommodations.

The only things Members NEED to submit are a doctor's note and the NJEA Accommodations Leave Request Form.

Rather than allow the district to request more info, NJEA developed this simple form to provide only the required information.

Members seeking accommodations are recommended to fill out this form and send it with their doctor's note directly to Sharon Rife,, in HR at Central.If members are denied accommodations unreasonably, let your Level VP know immediately.  It will be sent to NJEA so further action can be taken.

If you have questions that are not addressed, please contact your level VP (contact info at bottom).

Documents for Requesting Accomodations

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WTEA Level Vice-Presidents and Contact Information

High Shool Vice-President

Shaun Giberson -

Middle School Vice-President

Maryann Kwietkowski -

Elementary Vice-President

Christine Sharkey -

Secretary Vice-President

Valerie Zippel -