The WTEA now has several Subcommittees.

The following are committee Chair positions and Committee Coordinator positions within the Washington Township Education Association that are not chaired by members of the Executive Committee. The positions could receive an honorarium as approved by the annual Budget Committee.

Committees may be formed or disbanded as the need arises at the discretion of the President of the Washington Township Education Association and the approval of the Executive Committee as per the WTEA By-Laws Article VII Sections 5 & 6.

Whereas a committee is an on-going, active one, the term for each chair shall coincide with the terms (three years) of the current Executive Committee Administration.

The WTEA By-Laws state that the President can appoint the chairs of committees with the approval of the Executive Committee, therefore, the President and Executive Committee would accept applications from interested parties and then appoint them.

Advertisement of the positions will be distributed via email service Database and posted on along with job description and honorarium attached to the position. Interested parties should contact the Communications Chair.

  • Social Committee Level Coordinator: As needed, shall organize such social activities as may serve the needs of members and promote team building and member involvement within the Association.
  • Voting/Election Committee Chair: As needed, shall implement all policies and procedures related to carrying out all elections/voting of the Association. The Committee will provide a report of all elections results to the Executive and Representative Committees and to NJEA.
  • Evaluation Committee Chair: As needed, shall collect data on evaluations in the district and assist members and association representatives in recommendations and rebuttal writing. The committee shall report to the membership annually regarding evaluation findings in the district.
  • Minority Representative Committee Chair: shall guarantee ethnic-minority representation of its members, to comply with The Constitution and By-Laws of the Washington Township Education Association, as well as the NJEA Standards of Affiliation for Local Associations.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please complete the questionnaire.  The interested applicants will be discussed and chosen during the following Executive Committee Meeting.